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The Living Wisdom High School Approach to Joyful Learning

Self-Discovery • Adventure • Excellence • Service • Joy

The fundamental characteristic of the LWHS program is that each student is appreciated as a unique individual on a life-long journey of learning and development. School staff and peers, family and friends, are all a part of this journey, along with the individual’s own set of strengths, challenges, interests, goals, and inspirations.

Every student, in partnership with a mentor and faculty, designs a personalized, balanced program with experiences in self-discovery, academic excellence, creativity, connections with others, and service-learning adventure. In this way, young people take charge of their education, engage deeply in personal development, and experience the joy of learning.

An Education at Living Wisdom Includes:

  • A personalized learning plan based on each student's interests, long-term goals, educational aspirations, and abilities. 
  • Counseling and mentorship support in skill development, self-discovery, and college & career readiness.
  • Internships and student-driven experiential learning projects which teach students how to be cooperative, self-directed, and proactive learners.
  • Centering tools including meditation, yoga, martial arts, and practices rooted in universal principles of happiness and success. 
  • Maturity and character development through service work, adventure, and travel.
  • Joyful learning in a supportive community.

Avenues of Learning

  • Synchronous and asynchronous instruction
  • Digital and in-person coursework
  • Collaborative and cross-curricular projects and labs
  • Academic coursework at the following levels: general education, college-prep, honors, advanced placement, and dual-enrollment college credit.
  • Small group instruction & one-on-one mentorship
  • Meditation and centering practices for concentration and calmness
  • Service-learning & adventure travel
  • Leadership training

Avenues of Learning

  • Meditation and centering practices for concentration and calmness
  • One-to-one and small group instruction
  • Cross-curricular and project-based learning
  • Service-learning and adventure travel
  • Leadership training

Balanced Learning

Physical Development Through...

Body and energy strengthening exercises, positive habits and skills for healthy-living, hygiene, sports, physical education, diet, etc.

Mental Engineering Through...

Concentration, positive attitudes, solution-consciousness, will power, positive thinking, development of memory, creativity, even-mindedness, learning from challenges and failures, self-reliance skills, time management, public speaking, etc.

Community Development Through...

The art of friendship, social-learning projects, non-violent communication, respectful dialogue, and maturity through empathy.

Inner Strength Through...

Balanced living, centeredness, joyful self-discipline, positive habits of mind, yoga, meditation, expanded awareness, and development of intuition, etc.

Personal Passions Project

Each student identifies an area of interest or passion in their life, and are then supported to research and develop a project related to that interest. During the process, LWHS partners students with mentors in the local community. The process culminates with a presentation of the students’ work and an appreciation ceremony for all of the community support that went into their success. These projects have included the study of neuroscience, poetry, computer science, art, music production, photography, and more!

Personal Development Courses

Annually, a personal development course is offered for students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, explore their interests and inspirations, and learn how to manifest these as real meaningful change, both within themselves and in the world around them.

Students engage in meaningful discussions, self-reflective writing, creative projects, and service-learning in the local community. They also develop skills such as non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, self-compassion, and practical life skills (finances, resumes, cooking, etc). Overall, it is a place to build community, have fun together, and realize one's highest potential.

Clubs and Athletics

Clubs are driven by student interest and initiative. Students, guardians, and community members who feel they have something to offer or something they would like to experience are invited to speak with a faculty member or mentor to initiate the process of creating a club. 


LWHS is a member of the Bay Area Small School Athletic League (BASSAL). Annually, sports are offered to both middle and high school students which may include but are not limited to: dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, cross country running, & karate. 

Meet the Team


Kshama Kellogg

Kshama is an Education for Life specialist, and has spent the last decade exploring the field of education and consciousness. She has taught students K-12, mentored students & teachers, and developed local and international youth and family programs that incorporate principles of meditation, yoga, and wellbeing in daily life. Living abroad as a child, and then attending our sister school in Nevada City, Kshama’s early life sparked in her a passion for travel and intercultural connection. It also inspired a commitment to holding service as a guiding principle in her life. Kshama’s educational background is in Spanish, Latin American Literature, Sociology, and Education. She completed her specialization training through Education for Life International on site at Living Wisdom School of Palo Alto. Kshama is passionate about offering young people an educational experience that activates their enthusiasm for life, nurtures their unique interests and abilities, and deepens their sense of self-understanding and connection with the world.
Business Administrator & President of the Board of Directors

Gary McSweeney

Gary is the Business Administrator & President of the Board of Directors for Living Wisdom School (TK-12). As the former middle school teacher extraordinaire and alumni parent, Gary carries a deep understanding of the guiding principles of our Education for Life philosophy and the practical needs of the TK-12th grade Living Wisdom programs. Gary supports the school through a multi-faceted administrative role. He advises students, faculty, families, & community members and coordinates all things financial including tuition payments, salaries, and overall finances. 
Office Administrator

Leti James

A native of Silicon Valley, Leti holds an Associate in Science degree in Accounting from Evergreen Valley College. Leti conducted her Education for Life teacher training at Living Wisdom School of Palo Alto (LWS). She then taught at LWS in Transitional Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Prior to teaching, Leti worked at the Stanford Law School’s Mills Legal Clinic as the front office associate and legal assistant for the Organizations and Transactions Clinic for three years, giving her expertise in office management. Working directly with hundreds of students each year, Leti was nominated for the Staff Award by the 2019 graduating class. This award is given by the graduating class each year to the staff person, administrator, or faculty member “who has played an integral role in the lives of the graduating students.” Leti has always had a passion for teaching and helping others. She enjoys serving as a volunteer in many capacities, teaching martial arts (she is a black belt in Kajukenbo), and teaching Sunday School. With a large family that lives in the local area (husband, step-daughters, 3 grandbabies, parents, 4 siblings, and 9 nephews and nieces), she can often be found with them in her free time.


Hazemach has taught mathematics, literature, science, and physical education at Living Wisdom High School since 2019. He is a Living Wisdom School alumnus who began to discover a passion for teaching at the Karate and Fitness Place after he became a junior black belt at 11 years old. After three years at Woodside Priory High School, he chose to begin college early at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, where he developed an interest in the humanities while studying advanced mathematics. After receiving his Associate of Arts with distinction, at 18 years old he chose to travel to Germany to seek mentorship in mathematics research. Three years later, he received his Master of Science in Mathematics from Jacobs University with a thesis on the topological characterization of holomorphic dynamical systems, and began research work in mathematics. During this time, he discovered a prevailing interest in the history, popular communication, and pedagogy of science, so Hazemach chose to pursue teaching as a profession, and returned to Palo Alto to contribute to the Education for Life movement. He pursues further development in various disciplines, including mathematics, physics, philosophy and history of science, literature, literary criticism, linguistics, religion, Karate, piano, yoga, and meditation.

Keshava Betts

Keshava brings a wide array of experience to his teaching. A Living Wisdom School alumni, he takes the principles of Education for Life to heart and lives them continually in his daily life. A lifelong musician and performing artist, he is the winner and nominee of numerous awards for music and theater. After graduating with a degree in performing arts, Keshava worked in the Los Angeles film industry as an actor, musician, writer, stuntman, and assistant stunt-coordinator. Simultaneously he found himself drawn into the study of anatomy, physiology, and nutritional science through a career in personal training. He studied and worked closely with one of the leading experts in spinal health and athletic performance and now enjoys teaching biology. Keshava has taught philosophy, yoga, and meditation since 2014 throughout America and India, and is a practicing Vedic astrologer under one of America’s best regarded practitioners. His passion lies in inspiring students to see every subject as a window to self-discovery and inspiration. He continues his scientific, musical, and philosophical education with a constant sense of awe and is dedicated to imparting that wonderment to his students. 

Talya Gomez

Born to a Salvadorian-American mother and Mexican father, Talya is a native Spanish speaker. She began her formal studies of the language in high school, but it was not until college that her passion for Spanish linguistics began to flourish. Talya decided to combine her love for working with children, passion for the Spanish language, and desire to share her culture with others and become a Spanish teacher. She earned her B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature from San José State University. Talya also spent a year in the research world at Stanford University’s Language Learning Lab where she studied bilingualism in native Spanish-speaking children. 

Talya is thrilled to be a Spanish teacher at Living Wisdom School. Fostering self-efficacy and ensuring her students' needs are met so they thrive are always at the center of her work. Her hope is that her students leave her classroom feeling accomplished and with a new appreciation for Latin American and Hispanic culture.

In addition to classroom teaching, Talya has been a gymnastics instructor and competitive-cheerleading coach to children ages 3 - 14 for the past thirteen years. She still dedicates her time to this role after school and in the summer. 

Spending time with loved ones is Talya’s favorite way to spend her free time. She enjoys traveling, going to the beach, crafting, celebrating her culture and learning about others, and eating her grandmother’s delicious Mexican dishes.


Bruno Panunzio

Bruno began his guitar studies at the age of ten with his father. As a versatile musician, his experience encompasses rock/pop, jazz, and classical guitar. He has traveled extensively to the Spanish cities of Malaga and Sevilla, where he studied flamenco guitar. Bruno’s performance experience includes solo and ensemble performances at both private and public events throughout California since the early 2000s. He has participated in masterclasses with artist such as the Beijing Guitar Duo, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Alvaro Pierri, and Adam Del Monte. Bruno is also a recipient of awards and scholarships including the Santa Barbara Musicians Union Award 2006, Santa Barbara's La Fair/Rokoff/Gilbert Fund Scholarship 2007, and most recently the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Scholarship where he attended 2014-2016. Bruno graduated from San Francisco State University in 2014 with a B.M. in music performance studying under Lawrence Ferrara, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 2016 where he received his M.M. in music performance studying with world-renowned composer and performer Sergio Assad. A dedicated educator, Bruno enjoys working with students of all levels and backgrounds.

Devyani Grewal

Devyani grew up in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She attended Calcutta University, earning a Bachelor’s in Commerce. Alongside high school and college, Devyani pursued French language studies for five years at The Alliance Française (French Ministry of Education) and achieved her ‘Diplôme de Langue’, ‘Certificat Pratique de Français Commercial et Economique’, as well as ‘Diplôme Supérieur’. She taught French at The Rama Krishna Mission School of Languages, Kolkata, before moving to Chandigarh, India. There, she worked as a French professor at The Alliance Fraçaise ‘Le Corbusier’ de Chandigarh. She obtained her French teaching credentials from universities in France. After moving to the USA in 2012, Devyani has since taught at various schools in the Bay Area, and tutored innumerable students. Devyani is a linguist and, in addition to French, she is also well-versed in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Bengali. Spanish and German have also been a focus of her studies. In addition to her love of language, Devyani is also a trained musician. Since she was a child she has played the sitar, a stringed instrument, and has performed at innumerable concerts and stage shows. She is a trained singer and holds diplomas in sitar and Indian classical vocal from Pracheen Kala Kendra, India. Finally, Devyani is a student of meditation and yoga. She and her husband are also budding entrepreneurs and are parents to two amazing kids.
Teaching Assistant

Raman Thiara

Raman is a teaching assistant at Living Wisdom High School in the areas of Math and Science. Raman holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.   He spent the last 22 years in various roles in the semiconductor tech industry with the last 11 years of it at Apple. He left tech in 2021 to deepen his understanding of yoga and meditation.  Raman is currently a certified yoga instructor and practices karma yoga by volunteering his time to teach yoga and mindfulness practices to those suffering from mental health issues, addictions and trauma.  Additionally, he is working toward  his certification in Ayurvedic health counseling.  He has a strong passion for understanding the deeper teachings within yogic  and Ayurvedic philosophy and tries to embody them in daily life.  Raman has spent several years training in the daoist traditions as well, which includes the energetic practices of Qigong and Tai Chi.  
College & Career Counselor 

Jessica Chermak

Jessica Chermak is an Independent College Counselor with over a decade of experience in academia and helping students navigate the college admissions process. She also spent four years conducting research at University of Colorado Boulder’s Institute of Behavioral Science, and the prior two years working as an Operations Research Analyst at White Sands Missile Range. Jessica graduated from Chapman University with a BA in Psychology, and from University of Denver with an MA in Forensic Psychology. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). In her spare time, Jessica enjoys reading mystery novels, cycling, trail running, hiking, and watching her sweet puppy stare out the window all day. She is passionate about helping students discover post-secondary options that are a great fit socially, academically, and financially, and is motivated by the incredible growth she has seen in her students as they navigate the college admissions process.
Curriculum Advisor

Lakshmi LaPine

Lakshmi LaPine has taught in public education for more than a decade, both at the middle school and high school levels. She currently holds a position as an English teacher at a local high school. Throughout her professional career in education, Lakshmi has fostered a love for social justice, mindfulness practices in academia, and community building. Her professional emphasis on these aspects of education have offered many opportunities to work with students in dynamic and innovative ways, both in the classroom and in her role as a conflict mediator. Lakshmi has worked with a number of programs in her teaching career that support academic growth and challenge students to strive toward success, include: AVID, SAT/PSAT preparatory classes, summer travel programs for students, athletic coaching, and restorative justice practices. Working as a consultant for Living Wisdom High School, Lakshmi integrates her background in public education with her understanding and implementation of Education for Life practices. Lakshmi received her undergraduate degree (English Literature) and teaching credential (Single-subject, English) from University of Redlands. She holds a masters degree in Educational Leadership and Social Justice, as well as an administrative credential, from CSUEB.

See what our

Students & Parents Say

“I am a senior now at U.C. Davis, graduating with honors this June in Genetics and minoring in French. I now have my own research project, studying the evolution of centromeric proteins, which I am hoping to have published in a scientific journal… 

I certainly attribute my love of learning and confidence in myself towards my foundation in Living Wisdom. I was also taught that as people, we really do have the autonomy to choose our own happiness, and I try to remind myself of this every day. However, it is curious how many students I see in college refusing to do this.” 

- Hadley, alumnus

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