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An Education for Life

All too often academics are seen as mind-numbing, tedious, and seemingly endless. In our school, we spark genuine interest and curiosity by referring all subjects back to human experience – how they directly relate to, and will enlighten, the students’ lives. In this way, our academics enforce our central goal of teaching students a way to better living.

Education, and therefore academics, has a simple unifying purpose during the high school years: the cultivation of will as a tool for developing maturity. Maturity is not a static state, let alone one achieved through the accomplishment of a certain age. Rather, at Living Wisdom High School, we understand that maturity is an ever expanding direction of development towards greater integration, self-expansion, and appropriate relationship to all of reality. 

Academic Excellence

Excellence in any undertaking requires a high degree of energy coupled with the capacity to concentrate that energy on a single task. At Living Wisdom High School, we are devoted to the ideal of excellence in our academics. We understand that the best way to inspire students to discover the needed energy and concentration for true success in academics is through joy.


Our educational program combines rigorous expectations, training, and carefully selected content with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. Students are inspired to learn and apply themselves to their studies by a dedicated and enthusiastic teaching faculty. Carrying away from each subject a substantial body of knowledge as well as awe and wonderment, our students feel a sense of meaningful progress in their academic development.

Though the energy required to succeed and excel in our academic environment is considerable, we recognize that learning to approach challenges and hard work with a positive attitude is more valuable than any temporary success. As such, our school aims to teach joy in academics not through ease or the reduction of challenges, but through the dynamic application of will; the joy gained from a job well done, from insight earned, and obstacles overcome.


The academic culture of Living Wisdom High School is one of supportive aspiration; the students strive to bring out their best work, not for themselves alone, but for the benefit of their peers. Ours is not a harshly competitive environment, but a supportive one where students are encouraged to give their best in the name of uplifting all.

Our students have been accepted by these colleges, among many others:

UC San Diego




Loyola Marymount University


Rochester Institute of Technology







Our Curriculum

The “Education for Life” system is adapted to the usual curriculum, rather than a radical transformation of the old system. The Education for Life curriculum is a redefinition of already-accepted categories, and not a total restructuring of them. Our curriculum includes all of the standard academic subjects. 


The names of our classes are chosen in order to reinforce student awareness of the human purpose of the subject. This emphasis on ultimate purpose is especially important in the teen-age years, when students need clear, meaningful goals toward which to direct their growing willpower. 


Our curriculum is divided into a revolutionary wheel of education. The spokes of the wheel become the following subjects:​

College & Career Counselling
Honors & Advanced Studies

Advanced Studies

For advanced students, a vast array of Honors opportunities are available. Increased workload, depth, and refinement help Honors students strive for, and race towards, excellence. In addition, Honors students have the opportunity to work directly with their teachers, researching topics of interest with side-by-side mentorship. Students of this caliber endeavor to merit the designation through clarity, insight, breadth of knowledge, and understanding.


Upperclassmen who have displayed a high degree of competency, integrity, and enthusiasm for a subject may be invited to become a TA in a subject of their specialization, giving further opportunity for continued and specialized tutoring. Students who pursue this option undergo a workload and specialization comparable to collegiate studies and emerge from their program with a strong specialization and love for their chosen field.


College & Career

The college and career counseling team takes an inside out approach to college and career exploration. Rather than beginning with the college and then molding the student to that particular shape, we begin with the student. We help them discover who they are: what they love, the skills they possess and can refine, and how they can meaningfully contribute in the world. With that self-knowledge our students are then guided in exploring universities, gap year 

programs, and career pathways suited to who they are. College and career readiness doesn’t happen overnight. The college search and application process is a journey that should, ideally, take place over several years, to allow students time for personal, professional, and academic growth. While every student is unique and requires a personalized approach, we follow a general timeline to help best prepare students to make the most of their high school experience and position themselves to find their best college and career fit. 95% of Living Wisdom graduates continue on to higher education.


Graduation Requirements

Living Wisdom High School’s graduation requirements meet or exceed the minimum eligibility requirements for University of California and CSU acceptance. A full range of advanced electives and co-curricular choices prepares students for the most selective colleges and universities. We offer a variety of elective classes relevant to the specific goals and interests of the student.

Dual enrollment in community college courses is available, in addition to Living Wisdom curriculum to students who demonstrate academic readiness and maturity. English (40 credits) - 4 years Mathematics (30 credits) - 3 years Science (20 credits) - 2 years with labs Social Studies (30 credits) - 3 years World Language (20 credits) - 2 years of the same language Visual and Performing Arts (20 credits) - 2 years Physical Education (20 credits) Personal Development / Life Skills (5-10 credits/year) Electives (20 credits) Service Learning (25 hours/year) Annual Entrepreneurship: $300-$500 earned annually by students for service adventure travel.

Graduation Requirement

Our Faculty

Think back on your education. How many teachers touched you so deeply that you still cherish their influence on your life?


We hear this so often from our former students, we can say with authentic pride — we have a very special faculty here. They are mentors, friends, coaches, and gifted instructors. 



Living Wisdom High School receives accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

“The first thing we noticed here is the strong sense of community, collaboration, and partnership. It is clear that in this small and tight knit community, everyone is dedicated and driven by the mission and vision of the school, as well as the powerful educational philosophy.”

- Melissa, WASC Evaluator

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