LWHS Events 

In addition to many annual events held for the school community, Living Wisdom High School also hosts a number of events each year to which the public is welcome. From open houses and shadow days, to teen meditation and parents workshops, to our annual Joy-ride fundraiser, we're honored to share these events with the community. 

Upcoming Events

Joy-Ride Bike-A-Thon

Saturday, April 30, 2022 | Baylands Park | Become a Sponsor 
What is a Joy-Ride?

Our annual Joy-Ride celebration and fundraiser is a dynamic way for students (of all ages), faculty, families, and community to engage the power of will to achieve a physical goal while generating energy and fundraising support for Living Wisdom’s high school program. 

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Meditation Workshops

Workshops for teens ages 12-19
 “My sister and I went to both of the September sessions, and both had a blast! It was what I looked forward to at the end of the week. Meditation for Teens is something that I feel is very important and a great idea! My sister and I would both love if we could come back. Thank you so much for what you are all doing."  - SV & AV, High School Freshmen & Junior 
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Annual Travel

Mid-May | Sierras and Beyond   
Rock Climbing + Hiking + Service
Every year, Living Wisdom High School students embark on a two-week journey of service projects and dynamic adventures. As part of the curriculum, students engage in the planning and fundraising, learning key life skills such as initiative, team-work, finances, and organization.

This year we will be heading to Tahoe for some adventure and connections.


Summer Programs

From Acting & Stunts to Overnight Adventures
Now Open for Registration

All summer programs open to current and rising 6th-12th graders.  

We have an exciting and diverse lineup of summer programs. From acting, karate, and learning stunts to an immersive 6 week Raja Yoga program, to an overnight adventure camp. There's something for everyone!

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Enrollment is open for 2022/23 with a few remaining seats available. 

There are no upcoming open houses currently scheduled. To hear what it's like to be a part of the Living Wisdom learning community, you can  view a recording of a past open house. In it, you will hear perspectives from parents, students, teachers, and our director, Kshama Kellogg.

You may also schedule a consultation  with the director to explore whether Living Wisdom High School is a good fit for your teen, ask questions about the program, and begin the application process.

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Living Wisdom Stuntastic Acting Camp

August 8-14th ~ 9AM-4PM Day Camp

Have you ever wanted to learn how to perform stunts like they do in the movies? Come learn the art of stage combat as applicable to theater and film from Keshava, an ex-professional stuntman and actor, and Hazemach, a karate blackbelt and international competitor.

In this weeklong immersive summer camp, you'll learn how to safely practice and perform the basics of stage combat and stunts. You'll learn how to fall, roll, and even fight unarmed - all while prioritizing safety and fun! 

This is an opportunity to learn how to control your body, move safely, express yourself, and make friends!

You'll have fun learning to tumble, fall, and fight like they do in the movies. Together, we'll watch influential films, and learn how to identify what makes a film (and a fight) compelling and effective. We will explore classic films and modern favorites. You'll never watch a superhero movie the same way again! 

No prior experience in martial arts, sports, or acting is necessary. 

Meet your instructors: 

Keshava was a professional stuntman and stunt-coordinator in the Los Angeles Film industry and used to help teach stage combat at the acting academy, Theatre of Arts.

Hazemach is a lifelong martial artist and competitive karate practitioner. He brings years of experience, teaching, and skill to our camp as well as a mind-blowing round-house kick. Don't believe us? See below for yourself!


Living Wisdom Adventure Week

July 5-10th ~ Sleep-Away Camp

Living Wisdom Adventure Week is an immersive six day sleep-away camp hosted in the beautiful hills of the Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay and backpacking at Dardonelle's Lake in the Tahoe area. 

Focusing on community building, adventure, self-discovery, creativity, and fun, participants will spend the week:

• Forming deep and meaningful friendships
• Learning survival & self-reliance skills
• Experiencing sustainable gardening & farm-to-table cooking
• Playing at the beach & in the mountains
• Storytelling, stargazing, making music, & creating art
• Backpacking & immersing themselves in nature
• Practicing yoga & meditation
• Learning about themselves
• & Having fun together!


Program Leaders

Raja Yoga for Teens

Meditate. Explore. Connect. Thrive.

A Rise & Thrive Meditation for Teens Program 
In partnership with The Ananda Yoga Center
Thursdays beginning July 14th 6-9PM & Two Saturdays 10AM-4PM

This six week course is a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the nature of happiness, tools for success, and a roadmap to Self-realization. In a fast-paced world filled with endless entertainment and stress, Raja Yoga for Teens creates a community of young people seeking enduring truths and practical solutions to life's challenges. Based on the yoga teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, this interactive program integrates timeless & universal spiritual wisdom into modern daily life. 

In weekly Thursday evening workshops, teens will learn and practice: 

  • Attitudes and habits of right living
  • Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation
  • Affirmations & the power of thought
  • The power of concentration, energy, and personal magnetism
  • Techniques for self-mastery
  • The nature of happiness
  • And how to cultivate a fulfilling inner life 

Additional highlights of the program include: 

  • Two Saturday field trips to Ananda Valley Farm and the beach in Half Moon Bay
  • Shared meals on Thursday evenings
  • Community building & games
  • Lots of fun! 

Annual Travel

Service • Adventure • Self-Discovery

Every year, Living Wisdom High School students embark on a two-week journey of service projects and dynamic adventures. As part of the curriculum, students engage in the planning and fundraising, learning key life skills such as initiative, team-work, finances, and organization. Additionally, the curriculum throughout the year ties into preparing the students for the trip, covering topics of culture, language, geography, and the chosen service project.

Travel opens doors outwardly and inwardly, expanding one's perspective, knowledge of the world, and inner self. For teens, experiencing new cultures can ignite a spark for service to others, exploration, and taking charge of one's life. Living Wisdom High School alumni all emphasize the life-changing impact made through their experiences of travel and service. 

Not only do these adventure offer a way to explore new possibilities, but they are a time for developing existing interests and qualities. Students may discover a deep enthusiasm or inspiration that could direct their life’s focus. They might also achieve inner success by overcoming a long-held limitation or by cultivating a new quality. Whatever the specifics, growth happens both outwardly and inwardly on these amazing trips. Comfort zones expand to encompass more than could previously be imagined. Old selves are inspired to embrace more fully one’s highest potentials. These trips are jewels in the LWHS experience.  

Students — prepare for and experience a journey that is transformative, joyful, adventurous, heart-opening, eye-opening, and priceless.

Due to COVID-19, our trip will be smaller in scale this year, though it will still be full of adventures, meaningful service projects, and community building. Our plan is to camp in the Santa Cruz redwoods, relax at the beach, visit UC Santa Cruz, do some ecological restoration, and enjoy some quality time in nature with true friends.

In the past, students have traveled to...

Scotland • Nepal • South Africa • Hong Kong • India • Peru • Panamá • México • Hawaii • US National Parks • Italy • Slovenia • Quebec • Costa Rica

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Students & Parents Say

“I have watched as my own child, several grandchildren, and the children of friends have gone through the experience of attending Living Wisdom High School, and I am still in awe of what happens for children there. It's not just that they get a good education and are equipped to take on whatever their dreams may be, but that they learn the skills involved in learning to be happy with themselves and others. 

The teachers never cease to amaze me as they constantly think outside the box helping each child, as an individual, learn how to live and navigate the rocky road of youth. Wish I'd been in such a school as a kid.” 

- Ken Atwell, former LWHS parent and grandparent

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