Parent Testimonials

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Longtime LWHS parents share their experiences of the K-12 experience.

 Emma's Perspective

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Emma, a 10th-grade student shares about her experience at Living Wisdom High School.

An Overview of LWHS

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Get a glimpse into the world of Living Wisdom High School.

Living Wisdom High School

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 A brief overview of Living Wisdom High School.

Youth Climate Voices

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In 2019, a group of LWHS students traveled to Scotland to participate in the international Climate Change & Consciousness conference, hosted by the Findhorn Ecovillage.

Jay's Perspective

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Jay, a 9th-grader at LWHS, shares his experience.

Our School Community TK-12

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A slideshow highlighting each LWS student from TK-12. 

Education for Life is common sense

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The Education for Life approach to learning.

Parent Testimonial

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An LWHS parent of 9th and 12th graders shares his experience of Living Wisdom.

Addressing Teen Stress in High School

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Kabir Peter MacDow talks on KIYS Radio about the stress today's teens face in school and how Living Wisdom High School of Palo Alto addresses it.

A Shift of Motivation

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A former Living Wisdom High School student speaks about how her motivation changed.

Service Adventure Trip to Scotland 2019

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The 2019 adventure to Scotland with visits to Edinburgh, the Orkney Islands, and Findhorn to participate in the Climate Change & Consciousness conference.

Open House Recording

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A recording of our fall open house, complete with student, parent, and teacher perspectives, as well as a presentation by our director.

The Role of Community in a LWHS English Class

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Hazemach, the LWHS English teacher shares about the role of community in his classes.

Advanced Guitar Ensemble

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A collaboration from some students in the advanced guitar ensemble.

Maya's Perspective

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Maya, an 11th-grader at Living Wisdom High School, shares her experience.

Spring Camping Trip 2021

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Highlights from a service adventure camping trip in Half Moon Bay.

An LWHS Alum & Future Doctor

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Sombhudda, an alum from the Living Wisdom High School in Nevada City, CA, reflects on the role that LWHS played in his educational journey.

See what our

Students & Parents Say

“There are few things I can recommend without any reservation. Living Wisdom School is one of them. It is the best-kept secret in Palo Alto. I cannot say enough good things about this school. The teachers know every child and their need in a deep way. Our son is consistently 1-2 years ahead of grade level. At the same time, in areas he needs help, he gets intensive and dedicated support. They teach a philosophy of kindness, love, and emotional honesty that is rare today. 

The children are taught yoga, meditation, and kindness. The teachers practice what they preach and live this approach in the classroom. If you want to raise an independent, kind, self-aware child – you owe it to yourself to look at Living Wisdom.” 

— Ben R., Palo Alto, CA


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